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Pinki’s blog #11 – search training

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Welcome to the latest blog by student Special Constable, Pinki Bilkhu. This week, she talks about search training - searching people, vehicles and property, and searching for missing people.

After a heavy few weeks covering mental health and child sexual exploitation, I was very much looking forward to the training this weekend. We had a day-and-a-half of ‘search training’ which I’ve been looking forward to ever since seeing it in the course content. We had two new trainers that took the sessions, and as I’ve found with all the trainers on the course, they all have such a passion for what they do.

The day started with an introduction to searching and the importance of being able to search effectively, Whether that’s searching people, vehicles or property. After the introduction and what we could expect from the session, we got straight into practicing how to conduct a person search. We all had the chance to get involved and as always, feedback was given throughout the exercise.

After lunch we had another brief classroom session on the second stage of the day which was searching for missing people and conducting ground searches. It wasn’t soon before we were all outside in the grounds of Newby Wiske Hall, carrying out our own ground search. Considering the weather was terrible, and it was our first time, it actually went quite well. By the end of the day we were all wet and cold so we were more than happy to get back inside.

The next day we had a very welcomed later start. We all met in one of the search properties located in the grounds as we were learning how to search properties and vehicles. We started with a chat about what the morning will consist of and after a quick brief of what we were looking for, we got cracking. The first half of the morning was outside, searching two vehicles and it was freezing – I definitely should have layered up!

We split into pairs and we were given a section of a vehicle to search, and off we went, putting into practice what we had learnt. I have to say it was a very productive search but there were a few things we had missed, but that’s all part of a learning process I suppose. By the afternoon we thankfully got to stay in the warmth and learn how to search a property. By this point we had a better understanding of where and how to search effectively. The day was fast coming to a close but not before we all had to sit our interim 2 exam, definitely more intense than the first one but I think it went ok!

It’s been an enjoyable weekend and as always, there’s been a lot to learn, but we all got a chance to participate in the search exercises so it’s been really interactive. It’s difficult to believe that we only have one weekend to go and that will be the end of the training journey. It won’t be long before we finally get to go out in our areas as probationer Special Constables. A scary but very exciting thought!

Last modified: February 17, 2017