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Pinki’s special blog #3

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Welcome to the third of trainee Special Constable, Pinki Bilkhu's blog. Follow her progress as she gets to grips with her training to become a Special Constable with North Yorkshire Police.

It was lovely to have Katie back with us this week; she’s really easy to speak to, really engaging and very funny, which is exactly what you need from a trainer. We were in a smaller classroom this week which wasn’t a bad thing as it’s cold in the bigger room, which I suppose is expected from a big old building!

The day started again with a quick knowledge check just as we did the previous week. I wasn’t feeling as apprehensive this time as I knew what to expect and actually didn’t do too bad this time! We got straight on with the next part of the training which was legislation 2, the day was split into different sections and we covered topics such as, how to use discretion, human rights act, the criminal justice system, breach of the peace and cautions.

Earlier in the day we were split into smaller groups and given a scenario, we were asked to discuss how we would use our discretion in this particular situation, for me I enjoy this way of learning as you can share perspectives and pool knowledge.

The day was filled with lots to learn but I’ve found that as the training has progressed I’m now feeling more relaxed and less overwhelmed, I’m not the most academic and I digest information at a slower pace, however Katie always welcomes questions and there’s always time to discuss it further if needed. Having a smaller group helps, as even I, who doesn’t do well with speaking in front of others, feel more than comfortable asking questions when I need further clarification.

We had a couple of breaks as the day progressed and this week we had the pleasure of tasting some homemade brownies courtesy of Lydia, a member of our training group, they were amazing! Probably not the best for my waist line but exactly what I needed!

The training is going really well, it’s structured and everyone is really supportive and it’s really starting to feel like we are part of a bigger organisation.

It is difficult trying to juggle the training along with everyday life, but with dedication and support I know I’ll be able to continue.

In the classroom
In the classroom
Last modified: October 26, 2016