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Pinki’s special blog #4

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Welcome to trainee Special Constable, Pinki Bilkhu's fourth blog. Follow her progress as she gets to grips with her training to become a Special Constable with North Yorkshire Police.

This week the training started a little different, we had our uniforms waiting for us when we arrived and as it had been a while since we had been measured for it, I was quite excited to finally try it on. We all got some time to check it all through as we will be wearing it to training from next week. It’s definitely is not the most flattering of uniforms, I can’t remember the last time I wore a pair trousers never mind a pair of wide leg trousers!

This week was legislation 3 training, we covered topics on the national decision making model, Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE), powers of arrest, powers of entry, powers to seize, powers to search and use force.

The training was interactive and participatory, we were split into small groups and given a topic to research and then asked to deliver a small presentation back to the rest of group which would normally panic me, but as we are a small group I actually found it really useful having a focussed discussion and then presenting it back to the rest of the group as it’s a great way to digest information. I think we all got lucky with this group, not only is everyone lovely but everyone seems to be able to bake! This week we had a lovely ginger cake made, which tasted amazing!

The training continues to give me a real insight into the dynamics of policing and of course, a taste of different baked treats, which is most definitely an added bonus! I’m really enjoying the group discussions and exchanges on topics we cover. There is lots to learn and digest but I’m finding the weekly knowledge checks are really helpful, as it gives me the opportunity to check my progress.

Presenting our learning to the group
Presenting our learning to the group
Last modified: November 2, 2016