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Pinki’s special blog #1

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Welcome to the first of trainee Special Constable, Pinki Bilkhu's blogs. Pinki will be keeping you up to date with her training over the coming months.

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Newby Wiske

Wow, you would not expect a police HQ to be in set in such a beautiful place. Newby Wiske, a place where I will call my 3rd home for the next 19 weeks (after home and work of course).

This was the first time we were all meeting as group and to be totally honest I was really nervous. I had a drive from Leeds so it gave me time to relax before meeting everyone.

We were met at the front by Katie our trainer, who by the way is absolutely lovely and has an amazing infectious laugh!

We were all shown to the training room where the day started with a small introduction and a tour of the building. Once back in the room, Katie made us feel really welcome and set the agenda for the induction. She then went through what we could expect from the rest of the course.

It was a really relaxed environment, and more so as we had tea and biscuits! We all went on to introduce ourselves and only being eight of us in the group, you’d think it would be easy to remember everyone’s names, but this isn’t the case for me. I’ll have to do some work on remembering! Everyone was very friendly and it was really comforting to know that we had all been through the same process to get to this point.

We kicked straight off and we had a full agenda planned, covering topics such as pocket note books, learning the phonetic alphabet, the role of a constable and standards of professional behaviours, reflective learning, police ethics and diversity. I have to say there wasn’t a part of the training that I didn’t enjoy. It was all very relaxed and were encouraged to work and discuss as a group. The training was really engaging and Katie is really approachable so I didn’t mind asking if I didn’t understand something. At the end of the training we all had a chance to express any concerns we may have had and speak through them.

If this induction is anything to go by I think I will enjoy this journey immensely. I do still ask myself why I want to do this and why I would give up the little spare time I do have, and I always come back to the same answer, knowing I will be making difference (hopefully) is what will motivate me to keep gong.

Last modified: October 4, 2016