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Pinki’s special blog #6

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7.30am and I’m all ready to go – dressed in my gym kit. This week we had our first officer safety training (OST) session. We started the morning off with a brief classroom session, topics we covered this week were: The national decision making model,  code of ethics, policing principles, standards of professional behaviour and we went through the communication model. There were some topics we have previously covered but it was useful to go over them again and apply them to that particular training.

The second half of the morning we made our way to the gym and we got straight on with a warm-up.  It’s safe to say, I need to work on my fitness!! After we got ourselves warmed up we went into learning about the fighting arc, conflict and contact positioning. We broke for lunch and on return it was another quick warm up and we had our first introduction to handcuffs, we covered how to correctly and safely handcuff, how to remove them, and the general rules of when and how to apply them. It was actually more difficult handcuffing someone than I thought it would be! Definitely looks easier when watching police programs!

The afternoon was very interactive, our trainers showed us how to effectively carry out an escort hold, transport wrist lock, arm engagement lock and from these manoeuvres we learnt how to perform a conventional ground pin.

We partnered ourselves up and took it in turn to practice the moves on each other. It was a nice to be out of a classroom setting as I’m used to being on my feet for seven to eight hours a day, I can find it difficult sitting for a long period of time, so it was a nice change to be able to do some practical training.

Last modified: November 22, 2016