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Pinki’s special blog #7

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The realisation of just how much there is to revise has really started to hit me! The first interim test is fast approaching and I am very aware of the fact that I have a lot of revision to do as well as trying to complete the online learning modules.

This week we had legislation 4 (we had the 5 before the 4). We were given some time at the beginning of the session to discuss any concerns we had, and I definitely had some, mostly around revising and being ready for the test.

I have to say it was comforting to hear that I wasn’t the only one with revision concerns. After discussing some revision tips, we went into the day’s training. Topics covered this week were: the effects of alcohol, antisocial behaviour, and hate crime.

We watched a couple of videos that went along with the training and had group discussions on each subject, there is always lots of supportive material like handouts and of course you have your course books to use which is great for me as I learn best when I’m able to go back and read through the material again.

It was nice to have Katie back with us this week, she is really reassuring and encouraging and is always on hand if we need to speak to her about anything.  We got so much covered in the session that it went fairly quickly, and as the day came to a close we all got together and had our first group picture taken in our uniforms.

We’ve been training now for seven weeks and concerns aside, I am still really enjoying the training and the whole learning process, yes, granted, there is A LOT to take in and learn, but once I get my head down and find a way to revise that suits me, I’m sure I’ll all come together…well hopefully!

Pinki second right, with her student special constable colleagues
Last modified: November 25, 2016