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Police ask York football fans to leave flares at home

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North Yorkshire Police has issued a reminder to fans that flares should must not be brought into football matches after officers have seen a surge in the numbers being used.

Football Liaison Officers, also known as ‘spotters’, have seen an increase in flares being set off and thrown at York City Football Club home and away games over recent weeks. The Sporting Events Act 1985, prohibits anyone from taking a flare or firework into a designated sports ground during a sporting event and being found in possession of a flare can lead to arrest.

North Yorkshire Police work closely with York City Football Club and supporter groups to ensure the safety of everyone attending club matches. A North Yorkshire Police Football Liaison Officer said:

“The use of flares at football games not only puts other fans at risk but also means the club could face sanctions from a number of agencies. We want everyone to enjoy themselves when supporting their local club and be able to do so safely and within the law.

“If anyone is found in possession of or setting off a flare in a football ground then they will be arrested and could face a banning order of up to five years so we’d ask all football fans to please leave flares at home.”

Last modified: September 18, 2019