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NYP is achieving value for money – report shows

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Today (25.8.16) the government has released a report into police procurement. The report provides a force-by-force comparison of the prices paid by the police for items such as vehicles, uniforms and equipment. The government has also called for forces to collaborate on procuring standard items.

As the report shows, North Yorkshire Police collaborates with other forces on purchasing the vast majority of standard items (14 out of 17 items) in order to achieve economies of scale.   The force sources interpretation services individually, in order to meet specific local language requirements and quality thresholds.  It has also sourced mobile phone examination services individually, as a number of other forces have done.

Commenting on the report, Acting Chief Constable Tim Madgwick, said:

“North Yorkshire Police has robust systems in place to make sure we achieve value for money.  We collaborate with other forces on the purchase of standard items, and only buy items as a single force where we are convinced that we can’t meet North Yorkshire’s requirements as part of a buying consortium.   Today’s report shows that North Yorkshire Police is paying careful attention to cost, and that the prices we pay are in line with other forces.  Nevertheless, we will keep doing what we can to drive costs down wherever that is possible.”

Last modified: August 25, 2016