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Police support World Alzheimer’s Day

Last modified: 21 September 2018 at 01:04pm

North Yorkshire Police is supporting World Alzheimer's Day by reminding the public about the Herbert Protocol, and the role it can play in finding people who have gone missing as a result of dementia.

Police support World Alzheimer’s Day

The Herbert Protocol is a form that is completed by a person with dementia, their family or their carers.  It includes detailed information about the individual, including places they may be likely to visit, habits and routines, travel patterns and contacts.

The information is collected in “slow time” before a missing-from-home incident, and can then be kept safe to give to the police in the event that the person with dementia is reported missing.

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire Police said:

“Time counts in a high-risk missing-person incident, so the police need lots of information from the family, carers or friends of the person with dementia, to help find their loved-one as quickly as possible.  However this can be really difficult to do when you are worried and anxious about the missing person, and maybe don’t have all the information to hand – especially when it is about historic places or habits, which can be very important when someone has dementia.

“The Herbert Protocol is a way of preparing for the possibility of a missing-from-home incident when the pressure is off.  So, if you have a loved-one with dementia, or you are caring for someone with dementia, we would encourage you to complete a Herbert Protocol form.  It will be a huge help to the police in bringing the person back to safety.”

More details about the Herbert Protocol, including the form to complete, is available on North Yorkshire Police’s website:


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