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Prolific criminal jailed for litany of Skipton offences

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A Skipton man has been jailed for more than six months for his "appalling record of offending".

Prolific criminal jailed for litany of Skipton offences

Craig Boyd, 32, was sentenced for assault, criminal damage, a public order offence, and re-offending while subject to conditional discharges, at York Magistrates Court.

On 18 May 2018, Boyd caused more than £600 damage to a fence in a public park in Shortbank Close. On 10 February 2019, he assaulted a security guard by spitting at him at an address in Keighley Road, Skipton. The following week, on 15 February, he damaged an internal door and a light switch at the same address.

Boyd was convicted at York Magistrates Court on 10 April 2019, and remanded in custody before being sentenced on Friday 12 April 2019.

Magistrates told Boyd no sentence other than a custodial one was appropriate due to the seriousness of the offences, and his “appalling record for offending”.

He was jailed for a total of 26 weeks for the offences, as well as criminal damage on 16 November 2018, and a public order offence on 18 January 2019, for which he was originally given conditional discharges. The court heard Boyd had also breached conditional discharges for public order offences at Skipton bus station and Harrogate police station.

Boyd was also ordered to pay £100 compensation to the victim of the assault, and £300 to the local council for damaging the fence.

Last modified: April 15, 2019