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Provisional funding is “good news” says Chief

Last modified: 9 May 2018 at 10:47am

Today the Policing Minister, Mike Penning, made a statement on the provisional police funding formula for 2016/17.

Commenting on the settlement for North Yorkshire Police, the Chief Constable, Dave Jones, said:

“We have been considering the implications of the announcement today, and it is good news for North Yorkshire Police.

“We still need to deliver our savings and efficiency plans, but if we do, it will mean that we are in a healthy financial position in 2016/17.  I have pledged that in 2016 we will focus even more strongly on protecting the most vulnerable people in our communities, and – with careful planning – today’s financial settlement could provide us with some additional resources to do that.

“As a result of today’s statement, we are in a better position than we had thought we would be, but it’s important to keep a long-term view.  The settlement is dependent on the outcome of the police precept, and it is based on a provisional calculation for one year only.  We still do not know how we might be affected by the final Police Funding Formula, which will come into play in April 2017 and beyond.  We cannot loosen the purse-strings just yet.

“There is a positive mood across North Yorkshire Police today, but we are not getting carried away.  We will continue to be prudent with our finances, and to focus on providing the service that the public expects as efficiently as we can.”

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