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Scarborough man handed suspended prison sentence for assaulting a police officer

Last modified: 26 March 2021 at 04:09pm

A Scarborough man who pushed a police officer to the ground allowing another man to evade arrest has received a suspended prison sentence.

At around 10.50pm on Thursday 19 September 2019 a group of men had been drinking at the East Ayton Lodge Hotel bar in Scarborough.

After refusing to leave the bar at closing time the police were called to assist. After some persuasion, the group left the hotel and the officer returned to his police vehicle.

Seconds later, the officer was approached by one of the men who slammed the police car door into the officer’s leg causing him pain to his shin and kneecap and aggravating a historical injury.

As the officer arrested the man he resisted, and a struggle followed. Stuart Duncan Martin, 40, became involved and pulled on the officer’s uniform and pushed him to the ground allowing the arrested man to escape.

Four days later, Martin, of Riggs Head Scarborough, attended Scarborough Police Station where he was subsequently interviewed and charged with the offence of assault with intent to resist arrest of another.

He changed his plea to guilty and yesterday (24 March) at York Crown Court, he was handed a 10-week jail sentence suspended for 12 months.

He also must carry out 150 hours unpaid work, pay a victim surcharge of £122.00, pay compensation to the victim of £250.00 and pay £250.00 towards the costs of the prosecution.

Commenting on yesterday’s sentence Scarborough’s Neighbourhood Policing Inspector Graeme Kynman said:

“This was a senseless attack and reflects an appalling attitude to those who place themselves in harm’s way on a day to day basis to protect the vulnerable and keep our communities safe.

“It is never acceptable to assume that assaults upon police officers and staff should be tolerated, they are not simply ‘part of the job and I’m pleased that Martin was put before the courts for the role he played in what happened that night.”

Reference: 12190174436

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