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Selby Police Station move will save more than £3.6m, says Commissioner

Last modified: 13 June 2016 at 11:54am

The Police and Crime Commissioner, Julia Mulligan, has today announced that operations at Selby Police Station will relocate to the Selby District Council Civic Centre site at Doncaster Road, less than a mile away.

For some months, North Yorkshire Police has been in discussions with Selby District Council about the possibility of occupying part of the existing Civic Centre building, as the current police station is old, too large for requirements, in need of repair, and expensive to maintain.

Now, following Board Meetings at North Yorkshire Police and Selby District Council, the move to Doncaster Road has been given the green light, subject to some final details around car-parking, and planning permission.*

Some refit work on the premises is required, but North Yorkshire Police plans to move in towards the end of 2016.

Eggborough and Sherburn Stations, which had been rumoured to be part of the relocation plan, will not be included in the move to the Civic Centre, and will continue in their current locations.

Once the Selby Station move is complete, North Yorkshire Police will occupy around a tenth of the existing Civic Centre offices.  Dedicated police facilities will include office space, a briefing room, voluntary attendee room and temporary exhibits store.  The police will share reception, kitchen and meeting room facilities with Selby District Council.  As part of the move there are plans to extend car parking for operational vehicles, and build a small extension to house locker facilities.

As a result of the relocation agreement, Selby Police Station will be put up for sale, with the proceeds used to cover the cost of relocation.

The move will allow North Yorkshire Police to save more than £120k per year on its current maintenance costs, with a total saving to the force of more than £3.6m over the 30 years term of the lease agreement.

Commenting on the relocation, Julia Mulligan, the Police and Crime Commissioner said:

“One question I get asked most often from members of the public is why different organisations can’t share facilities and save money.  It is therefore very good news to be able to announce Selby police’s move to the district council building.  This will save £120k per year and mean the police can work more closely with the council to keep people safe.  Today’s announcement also quashes some rumours and confirms Eggborough and Sherburn stations are staying put.”

Dave Jones, Chief Constable of North Yorkshire Police, said:

“We have an Estates Strategy for North Yorkshire Police, which involves disposing of old and expensive properties over time, in favour of cost-effective buildings that fit the needs of a modern police service.  The relocation of Selby Police Station is absolutely in line with that strategy, and will give us a much better base from which to serve the local community.  It is very positive news.”


5 October 2015


Additional note:

*Selby District Council Executive Committee’s decision was made on 1 October 2015 and is subject to  the usual five day challenge period. 

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