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Stamping out anti-social behaviour, tackling fraud and disrupting “county lines” in Scarborough

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As summer season gets into full swing in Scarborough, here Inspector Graeme Kynman provides an update on local policing in the area including how to look out for signs of modern slavery and all you need to know about “County lines” and “Cuckooing”.

Anti-social behaviour

We see a natural increase in anti-social behaviour during the summer months however we will not tolerate it and continue to work closely with Scarborough Borough Council and other partner agencies to stamp it out in the town centre. Positive results so far include the local authority securing a court injunction against a known individual and two other known individuals have been arrested for public order offences, charged and bailed with conditions not to enter Scarborough town centre.  There is of course more that can be done and in addition to the work that we are doing we need the help of our communities and would encourage you  to continue reporting incidents to us so we can ensure that we target the right area.  Please call 101 with any information you have.


Tackling fraud and protecting the most vulnerable people in our society is a key priority for us in Scarborough. Whilst these heartless fraudsters are becoming more and more sophisticated in the way that they deceive people, it only takes a few simple preventative measures to stay safe and protect those that you care about.  Our Police Community Support Officers have been busy delivering Fraud prevention workshops at local high street banks in Scarborough to raise awareness to online and telephone scams.  We hope that by going into the heart of our communities with our workshops we can take fraud prevention advice direct to members of the public, and especially those who are most at risk and are vulnerable.

 Human Trafficking & Exploitation

People mistakenly think that slavery impacts only densely populated, inner city areas. However, slavery is closer to you here in Scarborough than you think. We are fully committed to finding the gangs who target and exploit vulnerable people however, we need the eyes and the ears of the public to help us in our task. If you use hand car washes, nail bars or engage with any of the other industries or services which are susceptible to slavery, please be vigilant for any signs of forced labour. Do the employees look ok? Do they seem anxious or fearful? Do they look you in the eye or seem to avoid conversation or contact? If you have your suspicions please call us on 101 make a report to the Modern Slavery Helpline – either online or over the phone. More information can be found on their website modernslaveryhelpline.org

 “County lines” and “Cuckooing“

We have joined up with partner agencies including Scarborough Borough Council, housing providers, outreach workers and British Transport Police to disrupt “county lines” drug dealing in the town and help protect vulnerable people in the town. “County lines” is the term used for a form of organised crime where criminals based in large, urban areas exploit young, and vulnerable people, using violence and threats to force them to sell, store, and transport drugs to smaller county towns on their behalf. “Cuckooing” is where drug dealers use violence to take over a vulnerable person’s home to store and sell drugs and child criminal exploitation where young people are groomed by dealers before being forced to transport and sell drugs on their behalf. By working together in our Community Impact Team we have a range of resources and expertise to hand that can not only help to disrupt criminal activity but also provide help and support to people who need to escape the cycle of drugs and alcohol.

Investment in local policing

When people talk about local policing, they often raise the question of police numbers and the visibility of officers. As a force, we have been actively recruiting, and by the end of this financial year we will have recruited over 200 new officers across the county – including both experienced transferees, PCSOs and student police officers. Over the next few months we will also see the inception of six new teams of officers who are being tasked with various remits including tackling crime, improving partnerships, mental health, digital engagement and problem solving but each working in collaboration with our Neighbourhood Policing Teams, Response Teams and CID to enhance and improve local policing in our area. Local policing has always been right at the heart of our service here in North Yorkshire and we will continue to work hard to ensure we have the right people in the right places to tackle the issues that affect you most. More updates coming soon – watch this space!

 Coming up

Over the next couple of months we will be policing the upcoming events at the Scarborough Open Air Threatre so if you see us, come and say hello. We will also be working closely with partner agencies, under Operation Ambience visiting addresses to safeguard vulnerable people, target harden repeat locations and  focusing resources on targeting anti-social behaviour and crime.

 Get in touch

You can contact the team via email at SaferScarboroughHub@scarborough.gov.uk, please note the email is only checked Monday to Friday during office hours. To speak to an Neighbourhood team member about an ongoing case ring 101, select option 2 and dial in the team members collar number, shown before their name on our website. For all other enquires please ring 101 and selection option 1 and always report crime through either 101 or in emergencies through 999.

For more information, including our police station opening times, please visit northyorkshire.police.uk/scarboroughpolice

Last modified: August 5, 2019