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Young foals found abandoned near A19 at Balne, Selby

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North Yorkshire Police appeal for information

In the early morning of 5 September we received a call from a member of the public who had found two abandoned foals on his land near Balne, Selby.

The two youngsters were frightened and in a field with no fence between them and the busy A19. We contacted horse charities World Horse Welfare and Bransby Horses for assistance, as well as the RSPCA , and with the help of members of the public, we were able to round-up the foals safely into a temporary pen. World Horse Welfare Field Officer, Sarah Tucker, checked the foals over and gave them a much-needed drink of water before we arranged for them to be transported to a private boarding yard.

PC Sarah Ward named this super-cute pair, Bill and Ben. The foals are both well and as no owner can be located, they will be rehomed once they are old enough. If you have any information about the circumstances which may have led to these foals being abandoned then please call 101 quoting reference number: 12190164691.

Last modified: October 8, 2019