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Motorbike safety

Over the last 10 years, 141 bikers have been killed and 1,328 seriously injured on our roads in North Yorkshire.

Safety advice

  • Make sure your tyre pressures are correct and adjust them if you carry a passenger or extra luggage. Check you have enough tread and remove any grit.
  • Check the chain tension is correct. Oil the chain regularly and check the sprockets for uneven wear.
  • Never let your brake pads wear down to the minimum specified by the manufacturer – this will often be indicated by a colour marker on the pads. Neglected pads can result in life threatening damage to brake discs.
  • Make sure you have set the suspension correctly for the type of riding you are doing. Getting it wrong can be dangerous as well as uncomfortable.
  • Check your oil levels including the hydraulics. Grease or oil all moving parts of the bike.
  • Make sure you follow the recommended maintenance schedule. Getting the brake fluid changed regularly is particularly important.
Biker guide to North Yorkshire 2016[pdf]