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Child Sexual Exploitation

Child sexual exploitation (CSE) is when children and young people are groomed or taken advantage of by perpetrators who have a sexual motive.

North Yorkshire Police takes reports of CSE extremely seriously, and has a dedicated team working to tackle it.

CSE can happen in any town, city or village. It can take many forms. Many offenders now use digital technology, such as social media or mobile phones, to find and exploit children.

When abuse takes place online, offenders sometimes request sexual photos or videos of young people then threaten to share those images if they don’t carry out more sex acts. CSE isn’t confined to the internet. It can take place face to face, by family members, people in positions of trust or people who proactively look for vulnerable children or young people.

They might bribe young people with money or gifts in return for sexual contact. Perpetrators try to convince victims that they are in a legitimate and meaningful sexual relationship. This means that young people often fail to recognise that they are victims. They may also be unwilling to report offences or co-operate with the police, making CSE a particularly challenging crime to investigate.

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