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Applying for an alcohol licence

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Temporary events

Electronic applications can be made online via the Government’s temporary event notice website. Paper applications must be made to the relevant licensing authority (council) and a copy sent to North Yorkshire Police and to the relevant council’s Environmental Health Department.

Our address is:

Alcohol Licensing Unit
North Yorkshire Police
Fulford Road
YO10 4BY

You will receive confirmation upon receipt of your application.

New premises licences

Paper applications must be made to the relevant licensing authority (council). A copy of the application must be sent to all responsible authorities. (Since 6th April 2017, responsible authorities includes Home Office Immigration at Alcohol Licensing Team, Lunar House, 40 Wellesley Road Croydon CR9 2BY.) If applying electronically a copy only needs to be sent to the local authority as the local authority will forward it on to the other responsible authorities.

If a premises licence is held in the name of an individual, the licence will lapse upon the death/mental incapacity of that individual. If a premises licence is held in the name of a company, the licence will lapse upon the dissolution/insolvency of that company. In either case, an application to transfer the licence or an interim authority notice must be submitted to the licensing authority within 28 days. Please note that the licence lapses unless and until an application or a notice is submitted and continued trading in those circumstances would constitute a criminal offence. If no transfer or notice is submitted within 28 days, an application for a new premises licence would be needed. Please contact your licensing authority for more details.

Variations of existing premises licences

For a minor variation, applications can be made electronically or in writing directly to the licensing authority. Minor variations are things such as small changes to the layout of premises.

Minor variations will generally fall into four categories:

  • Minor changes to the structure or layout of the premises
  • Small adjustments to licensing hours
  • The removal of out of date, irrelevant or unenforceable conditions or addition of volunteered conditions
  • The addition of certain licensable activities

For a full variation, applications should be made in the same way as for a new premises licence. Changes to opening hours, adding or removing licensable activities all constitute a full variation.

In all cases the overall test is whether the proposed variation could impact adversely on any of the four licensing objectives.

Changes of Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS)

The application must be served on the licensing authority. A copy of the application must be sent to the Chief Officer of Police and the existing DPS.

The application should be accompanied by the consent of the proposed individual.

Information can also be accessed on the Home Office alcohol licensing website.