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Explosive Certificates

Explosive Liaison Officers from the Firearms and Explosives Licensing Department are responsible for the administration and enforcement of the following legislation and are appointed as Inspectors under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 for this purpose.

Explosives Regulations 2014 (ER2014)

New regulations came into force on 01 October 2014 and deal with the suitability of a person or corporate body to possess and store explosives.  Any person or body that wishes to acquire and/or keep any explosive that is deemed to be ‘security sensitive’ for example, black powder, blasting explosives or detonators, will require an appropriate certificate issued under these regulations. For the storage of certain quantities of explosives, a Licence to Store may be required.

There are two types of Explosives Certificates:

Acquire Only

Allows a person or corporate body to obtain explosives which are used straight away and are not kept overnight.

Acquire & Keep

Allows a person or corporate body to obtain explosives and keep them in an approved storage place.

Applications for an Explosive Certificate:

  • Form ER 4A – when applying for explosive items solely for use in firearms/shotguns or black powder in connection with re-enactment.
  • Form ER 4 – when applying for additional explosive items that do not fulfil the purpose above for ER4A.

Advice regarding ER2014, fees or other explosives related issues can be obtained by contacting any of the Explosive Liaison Officers.

ER4 - Application for a explosives certificate[pdf] ER4A - Application for a explosives certificate[pdf]