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Applying for or renewing a Firearm/Shotgun Certificate

Application forms can be found by following one of the links below. You have the choice of either applying online or printing off, completing and posting an application form to the Firearms and Explosives Licensing Department. Please note:- you will not be able to complete the application until a photograph has been uploaded. Initial feedback would suggest it is best to upload the photograph first and then continue with the application form.

We require:

  • A fully completed application form, where an answer or a page is not applicable mark as n/a.
  • A current photograph ( this is necessary for every application).
  • Fee paid in full.
  • Details of one suitable person, (two for firearm), who has agreed to act (freely and without payment) as your referee and who has known you for at least two years. Members of your immediate family (see Home Office Guidance, chapter 11), firearms dealers, serving police officers and police employees cannot act as your referee.
  • Experience of handling the calibre of weapon applied for. 
  • You must disclose any information about convictions (see notes 13 & 14  of Form 201 below).
  • You must disclose any health/medical conditions (see notes 4 – 12 of Form 201 below also see the Frequently Asked Question section opposite).
  • For renewal applications – we DO NOT require your current certificates.

Firearm applications

In addition to the above:

  • You need to provide the details of one area of land where you have permission to shoot, which is suitable for the highest calibre of weapon you wish to possess.
  • And/or the details of a Home Office approved Club of which you are a full member.

Timescale for an initial application

  • From the date of receiving an application for a firearm and/or shotgun certificate, it can take up to six months to complete the process. The time will depend on background and medical checks.
  • You will be visited by a Firearms Enquiry Officer. Their report is sent into the department and we aim to produce your certificate as soon as all relevant checks have been completed.

Timescales for renewing

Renewal reminder letters are sent out approximately sixteen weeks prior to the expiry of your certificate(s). This may seem a long time, however experience has shown we need this amount of time to ensure we have received everything we need to process your application and address any errors, issues or missing information.  Providing a correctly completed application is received within the given timescale of four weeks and there are no concerns regarding your continued suitability, your renewed certificate(s) will be issued approximately two weeks before the expiry of the old certificate(s).

Please note that North Yorkshire Firearms Department DO NOT require your current certificate(s)  for renewal applications.


Certificate type Fee (payable to ‘PCC for North Yorkshire’)
Shotgun Certificate renewal £49
Firearm Certificate renewal £62
Co-Terminous renewal £65
Shotgun Certificate – initial application
Firearm Certificate – initial application
Co-terminous Certificates – initial application
Shotgun Grant with Firearm Renewal
Firearm Grant with Shotgun Renewal

Online application form

Alternatively, complete a printable application form, and send to: Firearm & Explosives Licensing, North Yorkshire Police HQ, Alverton Court, Crosby Road, Northallerton, North Yorkshire DL6 1BF.

Printable application form[pdf]