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Variation to a Firearm Certificate

In order to acquire an additional section 1 firearm or to replace an existing weapon, you must first apply for a variation.

  • You can only acquire a section 1 firearm or sound moderator if your Firearm Certificate shows the relevant authority to purchase or acquire that particular type of weapon.
  • If you wish to add an extra or replace a current weapon, you need to apply for a variation, by completing the form 201v below.
  • Send your current Firearm Certificate with the application form (201V below).
  • There is no fee if you are replacing one weapon for another, providing your application is received along with proof of the weapon transfer and your firearm certificate, within 7 days of the weapon disposal.
  • If you wish to add the authority to acquire a weapon or sound moderator a fee of £20.00 is payable (to PCC for North Yorkshire).
  • Once the relevant authority has been granted, please then follow the weapon transfer procedure advised below.
Certificate Type Fee NO CASH (payable to ‘PCC for North Yorkshire’)
Firearm Variation £20/FREE