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Variation to a Firearm Certificate

In order to acquire an additional section 1 firearm or to replace an existing weapon, you must first apply for a variation online.

  • You can only acquire a section 1 firearm or sound moderator if your Firearm Certificate shows the relevant authority to purchase or acquire that particular type of weapon.
  • If you wish to add an extra or replace a current weapon, you need to apply for a variation, by applying below.  This can only be done online.
  • There is no fee if you are replacing one weapon for another, providing your application is received along with proof of the weapon transfer and your firearm certificate, within 7 days of the weapon disposal.
  • If you wish to add the authority to acquire a weapon or sound moderator a fee of £20.00 is payable by card.
  • Once the relevant authority has been granted, please then follow the weapon transfer procedure.

You can apply following this link, however you must send your current firearm certificate to this department for replacement.

Do it online: variation to a firearm certificate