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How many days does it take for you to get bored in the summer holidays? Well, why not do something more exciting, spend time with your mates and maybe bag yourself a fantastic prize?

Lifestyle Logo 2016 (5)This summer we are again running our popular Lifestyle Challenge competition which is open to all 10 – 17 year olds who are resident in York or North Yorkshire. We challenge you to get together with your mates, think up a project you can carry out to benefit your community and then DO IT!

In previous years we had teams performing magic shows to residents of care homes, clearing their local beaches and holding family fun days to raise money for various needs.

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Want to find out more? Watch our Lifestyle video to get yourself up to speed!

How does Lifestyle work?

Get yourself into teams

So grab some mates – you don’t even have to go to the same school (although it does help if you like each other), but there must be at least two of you in a team and a maximum of six, and you must be aged between 10 and 17 on 31 August 2016. Get yourself an adult adviser, someone over 18 who can keep an eye on you, and then think of a project.


You can either do it online or fill out one of our registration leaflets and post it to us. Each team will then receive a log book to record all the planning, progress and notes on the teams’ achievement, and a Team Handbook with lots of help and advice.

Start work

You can register now and work can start on your projects from 1 July 2016. We’ll send you your pack with everything you need as soon as we get your registration details.


All work on your projects must stop on 11 September 2016 and we must receive your log book by the end of September 2016. Either hand it in to your local police station clearly marked “LIFESTYLE” or post it to us – with the correct postage – to the address shown at the bottom of the page.

Judging & awards

Our panel of expert judges will pore over each and every log book submitted and pick the winners! All log books will be carefully assessed by a team of judges who look at various criteria, including the positive impact of the project on the community and the ability of each team to work together and overcome obstacles.

Write to us!

The Lifestyle Office
Partnership Hub
North Yorkshire Police
Fulford Road Police Station
YO10 4BY

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Get started!

Register or amend your Lifestyle team online Download the Lifestyle 2016 registration form[pdf]