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DS Tracey Williams

The officer whose work is helping to safeguard children in York.

More than 30 decision-making meetings a month.  Checking 40+ referrals a week.  Screening cases with social work managers and police.  Tasking detectives to investigate. That’s just some of what it takes to make sure that children at risk are safeguarded in York and the surrounding area.

Carrying out this work is DS Tracey Williams, an officer who has worked for the police for twenty-seven years, and who is now the Detective Sergeant in the Vulnerability Assessment Team in York.  She describes how cooperation is key to keeping people safe.

“We have done a lot of work with our wider police family – including local Sergeants – helping them to understand how we operate, and how they and their teams can help us to keep people safe by identifying people at risk and referring them to us for action.  We link in with the other agencies such as health, probation and social care and provide advice to social workers across North Yorkshire.  Together we can wrap a lot of support around a person at risk and we can safeguard children immediately.  It’s about creating a safety net for people.”

Over her time working in the safeguarding environment, Tracey has seen the work become both more challenging and more of a priority.  She says, “We have been working very hard to make sure that colleagues across the service know what to look for, and can identify people at risk, and children suffering from neglect, which often goes unchallenged.  In some ways we’ve been victims of our own success because the quantity of referrals has increased, as has the quality of the intelligence, and I am pleased to have played a role in that.”

Clearly delighted to have been nominated for an Award, Tracey’s enthusiasm for the work she does is clear to see.  “Some people might shy away from this kind of work, because you are dealing with people who can be challenging and chaotic, and who engage in risky behaviour.  But I think it is really rewarding.  We’re here to protect the vulnerable, and I get to do that every day.  I’ll never lose the passion for it.”

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