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Social media at NYP

We make very extensive use of social and digital media for community engagement, publicising crime prevention advice, appealing for witnesses to crimes and other incidents, and much more.

As of August 2016, our corporate Twitter account, @NYorksPolice, has 64,000 followers; our corporate Facebook page has 71,000 ‘likes’. They can reach hundreds of thousands of people very quickly, which is particularly useful for crime prevention messages and highlighting incidents such as missing people or road traffic collisions. We also have an increasingly popular Instagram page, and regularly use our LinkedIn page to support recruitment campaigns.

A key part of our Digital Media Strategy is to encourage officers, PCSOs, police staff and Specials to use social media to engage with their own communities. We have a network of around 90 local Twitter accounts, managed by a wide variety of neighbourhood policing teams like @Skipton_Police, individual officers like @OscarRomeo1268 and specialist departments such as @NYPRuralTF. These have anything from a few dozen to several thousand followers. We also have around 20 local Facebook pages, run by neighbourhood policing teams.

These accounts are managed locally, giving them an authentic voice when communicating with the public, and enabling them to respond directly to local issues. They are supported by the Corporate Communications team via regular email updates and a ‘Social Media Hub’ on the force intranet, which features guidance and best practice.

Our use of digital media has received widespread national recognition. The force won “Best Digital Communications Team” and “Best Digital Communications Professional” in the comms2point0 Awards 2015, and is currently a finalist in the 2016 Digital Entrepreneur Awards. Our crime prevention campaigns have also been recognised – digital communications campaigns for ‘responsible drinking’ and ‘property marking’ were both finalists in the UK Public Sector Communications Awards 2016.

Tweets from North Yorkshire Police accounts