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Lost and found property

There is now a quick and easy way to report lost property.

Please follow any of the links below to report general lost property. Advice for more specific items such as firearms and passports is listed below.

Lost Box – Free service

Immobilise  – Free service

Reportmyloss  – This allows losers to print a numbered ownership certificate, confirming the details of the loss if this is needed for insurance purposes. (Please note there will be a charge for this by the service provider)

All police services and insurance companies have access to these lost property records giving you the best chance of being reunited with your property.

From 1 October 2018, North Yorkshire Police will no longer take reports of lost property and cannot provide reference numbers for insurance claims. Download our letter to present to your insurers for confirmation of this.

Insurance notice

Certified firearms and explosives

If you have lost a certified firearm or explosives, this must be reported to the police immediately. Call 101 and ask for our Firearms Licensing Department.


Where the item is a pedal cycle, we recommend that you register and report the loss at BikeRegister


To report a lost, UK passport go to www.gov.uk/report-a-lost-or-stolen-passport

To report a lost, foreign passport or other foreign identity document, please go to your nearest police station and report the loss in person.

Lost dogs

Reports of lost dogs should be directed to your local dog warden.

To find your local dog warden enter your postal code into this web page  www.gov.uk/check-council-missing-dog

You can also report them missing or found at http://www.doglost.co.uk/

Driving licence

To report a lost driving licence go to www.gov.uk/apply-online-to-replace-a-driving-licence

Bank and credit cards

If you have lost your debit or credit cards, please contact your bank or relevant financial institution, and ensure the cards are cancelled.

Items lost on private premises, licensed premises or public transport

Reports of property lost on private premises, licensed premises or on public transport should be directed to the owners/operators of these businesses as it is highly likely they operate their own lost and found service.

Found property

We will continue to take reports of found property. Please call into to your nearest police station or call 101 and select option 4.

Please also call us to see if your lost item has been handed in. Call 101, option 4.

Check the opening times of your local police station by visiting the “Your Neighbourhood” section of our website.

Found property is stored in police stations and can be claimed by the owner for a period of up to 28 days from the date of loss. We may be able to send you the item through the post for a fee, please contact the station where the property has been handed in for further information.

We will ask you to provide valid photographic identification and, in some cases, proof of ownership, before we return your property to you. If you want someone else to collect property on your behalf, you will need to provide a signed letter of authorisation for them to do so.

Unclaimed items

Some property items, unclaimed by the rightful owner, can be claimed by the finder (excluding, but are not limited to firearms, drugs and anything that may contain personal information). The finder has 14 days after the 28 day period (for the owner to claim) to claim. After this time the item will be auctioned, recycled or disposed of responsibly.

All personal data is removed and securely destroyed. Proceeds from auctions and unclaimed currency are awarded as community grants from the Police Property Fund in support of local charitable initiatives.
You can also follow our Found Property page on Facebook and @NYP_Property on Twitter for updates on items of found property brought into police stations in North Yorkshire.