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Social media in emergencies

We have played a leading role in European Commission research projects into the use of social media in emergencies.

Two projects, iSAR+ and Soteria, involve us working alongside colleagues in the Portuguese police, Norwegian ambulance service, Finnish fire service as well academics from Germany, Ireland and more.


In 2015 we completed the iSAR+ project, which developed a software tool and a set of guidelines for the use of social media which emergency services and citizens can use in crisis situations.

The €4 million project began in February 2013 and involved sixteen partners from nine different countries.

Our expertise in using social media in emergency and crisis situations has been a key part of the project, and we have benefited from access to the latest research and international experts in this important area.

The project ended in early 2015, having published a series of detailed guidelines for citizens and emergency services, highlighting best practice in using social media and digital communications in emergency response efforts.


Since the successful completion of iSAR+, we are now playing a leading role in another European project called Soteria. Like iSAR+, Soteria aims to develop a set of guidelines for best use of social media which emergency services and citizens can use but for emergency situations rather than crises.