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Safety cameras

Our mobile safety camera vehicles aim to reduce the number of collisions, deaths and serious injuries on our roads.

The information regarding camera enforcement and the subsequent legal process are continually being reviewed. We have a document available below which provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have any questions regarding an alleged offence which is not covered by the information on this website you are advised to seek independent legal advice.

Vehicle Classifications and Speed Restrictions

As a result of the numerous comments in regards to our Facebook post on the 26th May 2017 about the speed restrictions applicable to light goods vehicles, we would like to provide some clarification about how a vehicle is defined in law as this may assist you when you are trying to find our which speed limit applies to your specific van.

Please see the attached word document below “Vehicle Classifications and Speed Restrictions” for further details.

Vehicle Classifications and Speed Restrictions


Please also see below for a link to an Independent Evaluation of Mobile Road Safety Cameras in North Yorkshire conducted by Newcastle University.

Newcastle University – Evaluation of Mobile Road Safety Cameras in North Yorkshire


Where will mobile safety camera vans be deployed?

Our mobile safety camera vehicles will be deployed to routes identified through intelligence and collision data as well as those highlighted by local communities who are blighted by speeding motorists. These routes will be regularly reviewed and updated with the latest information relating to collisions and speeding.

Mobile safety camera vans will be operating in the following locations across North Yorkshire:



  • B6479 Horton
  • B6479 Selside
  • A65 Clapham Bypass
  • A65 Settle Bypass
  • A59 Beamsley Hill
  • A65 Newby nr Settle
  • A65 Sour Lane Thorlby
  • A65 Whinney Mire Lane
  • A59 Priors Bridge Draughton
  • A65 Clapham Bypass (Sewage Works)
  • A65 Settle Bypass (North)
  • B6265 Skyrakes Farm, Skipton
  • B6479 Stainforth
  • B6479 Stainforth North
  • A59 Benthill Farm, Beamsley
  • A65 Ingleton
  • B6160 Threshfield Village
  • B6265 Cracoe Village
  • B6265 Threshfield Village



  • A19 Crathorne
  • A61 Station Road Thirsk
  • A61 Carlton Miniott at Eastwood Court
  • B6268 Masham Road Bedale
  • A19 Easingwold Bypass Thornhill Farm
  • A19 Easingwold Bypass Primrose Farm
  • A19 Southbound Kilvington nr Thirsk
  • A19 Northbound Kilvington nr Thirsk
  • A61 Nr Skipton on Swale
  • A61 Nr Busby Stoop Roundabout
  • A684 Morton On Swale (Outside School)
  • A684 Morton On Swale (Outside Church)
  • B1257 Beacon Guest House, Bilsdale
  • B1257 Broughton Bridge
  • A168 Northbound, Thorpefield
  • A168 Southbound, Thorpefield
  • A168 Southbound Asenby
  • A170 North View
  • A684 West of Winton House, Ellerbeck
  • A684 Ainderby Road, Romanby
  • A19 Northbound at Borrowby
  • A19 Southbound at Knayton
  • A6055 Exelby
  • A684 Aiskew
  • A684 Crakehall
  • A61 Carlton Miniott
  • A61 Carlotn Miniott Toad Hall
  • A6055 Kirklingon – Healam Ho
  • A6055 Burneston
  • Thirsk Bank, Coxwold
  • Easby Lane, Great Ayton



  • A61 between Baldersby and the A1
  • A61 at Hutton Conyers
  • A59 York Road Knaresborough
  • A59 Skipton Road Harrogate
  • A59 Menwith Hill Harrogate
  • A59 Skipton Road Fewston
  • A59 Blubberhouses at Kex Gill Farm
  • B6265 Kirby Hill Boroughbridge
  • B6265 Great Ouseburn (Northbound) after Ousebank Farm
  • B6265 Fellbeck
  • B6265 Blea Pit Lane, Maron-le-Moor
  • A6108 Slenningford
  • A61 Moor End Farm (between Harrogate and Leeds Border)
  • A61 off at A1 Junc 50/A6055 Roundabout
  • A59 Skipton Road at Killinghall Roundabout
  • A168 The Dishforth Airfield Assemblage
  • A168 Windmill Farm (two masts)
  • A168 Deighton Bank opposite Deighton Grange Farm
  • A168 Kirk Deighton
  • A6108 Palace Road, Ripon
  • A6108 High Common
  • B6165 Ripley Road, Knaresborough
  • B6165 Scotton
  • B6165 Summerbridge Village
  • A6055 Ferrensby
  • A658 Follifoot
  • A658 Buttersyke Bar
  • A658 Rudding Park
  • A658 Near Haggs Road
  • A59 Allerton Park
  • A59 West of Moor Monkton
  • B6265 Greenhow Hill Quarry
  • B6265 Greenhow Prim Gap Farm
  • A61 Ripon Bypass
  • A61 Harrogate Road, Bishop Monkton
  • A658 North Rigton
  • A6055 Minskip (Outiside Willow Cottage)
  • A658 Huby, (Almscliffe Hall)
  • B6165 Howe Hill (Knaresborough)
  • B6165 Scotton Village
  • B6165 Nidd
  • Dishforth Road, Sharow Cricket Club
  • A6108 North of West Tanfield
  • A6108 Masham
  • A61 Baldersby
  • A61 Harrogate Road, Wormald Green
  • A61 Knox Hill
  • A61 Leeds Road, Harrogate
  • A6055 Melmerby
  • A6055 Kirklington



  • A6108 Cover Bridge, West Witton
  • A6108 Darlington Road Richmond
  • A684 Field Gate Farm Bainbridge
  • A66 Westbound Gilling West
  • Scotton Road Catterick Garrison
  • A66 Gatherley Moor
  • A66 West Layton
  • A6108 between East Witton and Cover Bridge
  • A684 Middleham
  • A684 between Worton and Bainbridge
  • A684 between Bainbridge and Hawes
  • A6108 Side Bank Wood
  • A6108 Mightens Bank
  • A684 Sheepfold, Thornton Rust
  • A6108 East Witton Road, Middleham
  • A6108 Bellerby Village
  • A684 Constable Burton
  • A684 West Witton
  • A684 West Witton (East)
  • A684 Bainbridge
  • Catterick Road near Aldi
  • Horne Road, Catterick



  • A64 Eastbound Malton Bypass
  • A64 Westbound Malton Bypass
  • A64 Westbound Whitwell Hill
  • A64 Eastbound Barton Hill Crossroads
  • A170 Scawton Moor
  • A170 Cotes Lane Waterloo Plantation
  • A170 Beadlam
  • A64 East Knapton, near Malton
  • A64 Rillington
  • B1257 Amotherby Village
  • B1257 Broughton, Malton
  • B1257 Reivaulx
  • A64 Sherburn High Street
  • A170 at Wrelton
  • A64 Malton Bypass
  • A64 Middlecave, Malton
  • A170 Bondgate,Helmsley
  • A170 Nawton
  • A170 Aislaby
  • A170 Pickering
  • A169 Pickering (North)
  • A170 Thornton le Dale (West)
  • A170 Thorton le Dale High (East)
  • A170 Ebberston
  • A170 Middleton
  • Middleton Road, Pickering



  • B1427 Queen Margarets Road Scarborough
  • A171 Jugger Howe
  • A171 Scaling Dam
  • A64 Seamer Bypass
  • A165 Reighton Bypass Filey
  • A171 Mayfield Road Whitby
  • A174 Newton near Staithes
  • A171 btwn Whitby and Scaling Dam
  • A171 Scalby Road (outside number 541)
  • A170 West of Snainton
  • Valley Road, Scarborough
  • A169 Lockton High Moor ( Fylingdales)
  • A170 Snainton Village
  • A170 West Ayton
  • Woodland Ravine Scarborough
  • A171 Burniston High Street
  • A171 Scaling Dam (East)
  • A171 Helwath Beck
  • A174 Ellerby
  • A171 Cloughton
  • A170 Racecourse Road, East Ayton
  • A171 Stainsacre Lane, Whitby



  • A64 Eastbound Tadcaster Bypass
  • A64 Westbound Tadcaster Bypass
  • B1217 Saxton Bypass
  • Skipwith Road Escrick
  • Stillingfleet Mine Escrick Road
  • A63 Cliffe
  • A19 Burn
  • A19 Hollicars Riccall
  • A19 Green Lane Farm Riccall
  • B1222 Nr Bell Lane Sherburn
  • A162 Sherburn Bypass
  • A64 Eastbound Islington Tadcaster
  • A64 Westbound Wharfe Bridge Tadcaster
  • B1222 Near Sherburn in Elmet
  • A64 Westbound at Sutton
  • A64 Eastbound Bramham Moor
  • A1041 Camblesforth
  • A162 Barkston Ash
  • A63 Selby Bypass
  • A19 Barlby Road Selby
  • A19 Went bridge
  • A19 between Eggborough Power St and Chapel Haddlesey
  • A19 Chapel Haddlesey pumping Station
  • A19 Selby-Hovis Mill
  • A1041 Camblesforth Common
  • A19 Walden Stubbs



  • Tadcaster Road Dringhouses York
  • Strensall Road Huntington York
  • Church Lane, Wheldrake
  • Millfield Lane Poppleton York
  • A64 Eastbound Heslington York
  • A64 Westbound Heslington York
  • A64 Westbound Murton
  • A64 Westbound a Fulford
  • A64 Claxton
  • A19 Skelton
  • A64 Jack Daw Crag Overbridge-Westbound
  • A64 Jack Daw Crag Overbridge-Ebound
  • B1222 Cawood Junct of Kelfield-
  • B1217 Saxton
  • A59 Poppleton Road (Holgate)
  • A59 Boroughbridge Road (opposite shops)
  • A1036 Huntington South Moor


Road safety camera – data log

You can download the Excel spreadsheet below, which contains all of the data we record at each location. In order to comply with data protection we have only removed the personal information. The data is posted fortnightly for a 2 week period.

Data log – Key

  • Site type – CC –Community Concern-Sites identified through the speed management protocol as being of community concern and suitable for enforcement.
  • Site type – MC – Route used by motorcycles that has a high incidence of collisions and anti social behavior.
  • Site type – KSIR – Sites which are on Strategic Routes where people have been killed or seriously injured.
  • Site type – BIKE – Sites specifically for the Safety Camera Bike to enforce. The bike can enforce at any of the Van sites in addition to these Bike sites.
  • Site type – DIST – Any distraction offence such as not wearing a seat belt or use of a mobile whilst driving
  • Site Name – Road name and place where the camera was located.
  • Area – Local council district area.
  • Time on – The time the safety camera began recording.
  • Time off – The time the safety camera finished recording.
  • Total time – The time the safety camera van was at a location.
  • RFS – High end offender who will be summonsed directly to court.
  • Cond Offer – A violation that can be dealt with by way of a £100 fixed fine and 3 penalty points.
  • SAC – A violation that can be dealt with by the attendance at a speed awareness education course.
  • Other Offences-This can include any other offence such as Mobile phone use, no seatbelt, not in proper control or any other offence other than speed.

Enforcement sites are identified through Collison Analysis of all KSI (Killed or Seriously Injured) collisions. This is carried out annually (collisions analysed are over the current 3 year period only).

Frequently asked questions[pdf] Safety Camera Data Log - 11th - 24th Aug 2018[zip]